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In The Community

Best Friends Animal Hospital is proud to be involved directly with our community and giving back as much as we can! On this page you can find out about a few of the organizations we work with and photos from community events that we take part in.

Humane Society

We work closely with the Humane Society of Cascade County to provide low-cost care to pets in need. Click below to learn more about the dog & cat clinics they hold throughout the year, and the other services they provide for pets in Cascade County.

Dog Days of Summer

An annual event where dogs in our community are welcome to watch a local Voyagers baseball game!

Training and Education

We are proud to offer various training and educational events to pet parents in the community. In times past, these have included CPR Trainings, dental displays, and more.

Blood Donors

Blood transfusions have many uses and can be critical life-saving procedures. Blood loss through injury e.g. road traffic accidents or other causes of bleeding, such as rodenticide (warfarin) poisoning or rattlesnake bites can lead to death.

At Best Friends Animal Hospital, we have a blood donation program where healthy, pre-screened pets can donate blood that will be used in these life-saving procedures for other pets in need.