Saying Goodbye

Pet Euthanasia Services

When the time comes to face the difficult decision of whether or not to put your pet to sleep, the team at Best Friends Animal Hospital is here to guide you. If you make the decision to say goodbye, our pet euthanasia room provides a private, peaceful environment to say goodbye.

Anytime a pet euthanasia is taking place at our hospital, we make sure the entire staff and all other pet parents in the facility are made aware using a candle lit in the waiting area. This candle is a visual reminder to be quiet and respectful during this very difficult time.

You may sit on the floor with your pet, or in our comfortable chairs or stand beside your smaller pets at the table. The lights in the room dim for optimal comfort for both you and your pet. You can stay in the room with your pet as long as you need.

As part of our pet euthanasia services, we make clay paw prints for each pet and offer both individual cremation (you receive your pet’s ashes back) or general cremation (no ashes returned) for aftercare.

Pet Memorial

We are thankful to have a space on our website to remember the furry loved ones that we and our clients have lost. If you would like to have your pet added to our pet memorial, please send us a photo of your pet along with their name.