Boarding and Daycare


Our boarding staff takes pride in our kennel. Every kennel is fully sanitized between visits and is prepped and ready for your arrival.

Our staff works hard to provide a clean and comfortable kennel. In an attempt to make your packing as stress free as possible, we provide the following:

Best Friends Provides:

  • Bedding
  • Food & Water Dishes
  • Litter
  • Toys

While we highly recommend and feel it is important to bring your own food, should you choose not to do so, we offer Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for dogs and Science Diet Maintenance for cats, as our main food, this is at NO EXTRA cost to you.


It is important that you bring all medications that your pet(s) will need during their stay. All medications including over the counter medications must be in their original bottles and properly labeled.

The staff at Best Friends Animal Hospital is trained and equipped to handle pets from puppies to special needs as well as non – traditional pets such as: birds, pocket pets and reptiles.


Please note: We currently have a waitlist for our daycare program. Contact us to learn more!

Many dogs are left home alone all day while their owners work. Lack of interaction for long periods of time like this may lead to excessive barking, disobedience, and stress in dogs.

An alternative to leaving your dog at home during the day is to have him or her attend Daycare.

Daycare provides an opportunity for your dog to improve on many key skills. Here are a few reasons to consider daycare:

  • socialization opportunities
  • regular exercise and stimulation
  • helps with separation anxiety and loneliness
  • helps with undesirable and destructive behaviors

Best Friends offers a safe environment with lots of out time and playtime. We also monitor the safety and well being of your pet while in our care.

Best Friends staff also offers one on one attention for those in need of a little extra.

Our boarding staff can answer any questions you may have as well as offer suggestions and recommendations that may benefit you and your pet.

A group of dogs playing in the outside boarding area

A group of dogs playing in the outside boarding area